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System introduction

The vacuum pipe recycling system for garbage, bedding and clothing is an important building block of the intelligent hospital logistics. By setting up the intelligent input orifice and the closed-end management and adopting the vacuum negative pressure technology, it achieves the automatic transmission and collection of non-medical garbage such as domestic garbage and bedding and clothing.

The system is committed to avoiding the problems of cross-infection and secondary pollution in the recycling processes of hospital traditional garbage and bedding and clothing to eliminate potential health hazards, improve treatment efficiency, and solve high labor costs and poor management procedures, etc. It is an important infrastructure for building modern green hospitals.

System flow
System advantage
  • A true fully enclosed and fully automatic system

  • A system alone meets the needs of the whole hospital

  • Help implement garbage sorting

  • Multiple security for new upgrading

  • "Zero" congestion

  • Low energy consumption and easy maintenance

Core interest
  • Safety and environmental protection

    Closed transmission in the whole process to avoid cross-infection and effectively eliminate secondary pollution. Disinfection and deodorization at regular intervals helps air purification.

  • Durability and anti-corrosion

    Durable and anti-corrosive with a service life of more than 10 years.

  • Economization on manpower

    The recycling process is fully automated without demand for manual intervention, significantly improving efficiency over traditional methods, and greatly reducing labor costs.

  • Improvement of management

    Complete recycling solutions to improve overall management, optimize processes, and help build modern green hospitals.

  • Beautification of environment

    The system does not occupy the public area for hospital garbage, and avoids the damage to the environment caused by the accumulation of garbage in the hospital.

Application scenario
  • Application department:Inpatient department, ward
  • Types of collection item:Domestic garbage, waste from medical work, contaminated clothing and bedding
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