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Product introduction

The medical intelligent logistics robot uses the artificial intelligence leading technology such as autonomous navigation, multi-machine scheduling, automatic riding, automatic loading and unloading, and aims to undertake the transportation of medical materials in the distribution links in the operating room and PIVAS, and of specimens and the like.

The medical intelligent logistics robot and the medium-sized logistics and transportation system can realize seamless docking, and finally solve the problems of labor shortage, high labor cost and low efficiency in logistics activities.

Product advantage
  • No threshold, fast application

    Directly come into service without need for hospital building renovation

  • Unmanned, convenient and flexible

    Independently take the elevator, open and close the door, bypass obstacles, and undertake distribution with multi-machine scheduling and trackless navigation

  • Large loading capacity

    The maximum load is 300kg with the multi-layer container combination, able to meet the daily transmission of materials in the hospital.

  • Security

    Smart lock + full monitoring + closed loop tracking to ensure product safety

  • Hospital management optimization

    Logistics information construction and pooled analysis of data to improve hospital management

Application scenario
  • Application department: Disinfection supply room, operating center, storage, inpatient ward, laboratory, etc.
  • Type of transmitted items:Surgical aseptic package, high value consumables, intravenous infusion package, medicine, specimen, breast milk
Product parameters
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