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Medium-sized box logistics and transportation system

Essential overview

The medical intelligent medium-sized logistics and transportation system is an independent medical material transportation channel in the hospital and automated transmission device built by hoist, horizontal transmission line, transceiver workstation, central control system, fire window and other equipment with the transmission box as a carrier to realize the rapid, safe, smooth, and efficient sending and receiving of hospital materials.

System advantage

  • Intelligent control
    Equipped with smart chip to realize cloud operation and maintenance and the monitoring and trace of the whole process
  • Efficient transmission
    Solve large-scale material transmission, improve medical efficiency and meet the needs of smart hospitals
  • Safe and convenient
    Separate equipment channels to achieve the diversion of human and material so as to avoid secondary pollution, and improve medical environment
  • Costs saving
    Change the traditional transmission mode of “manual + trolley”, saving manpower and reducing costs

System parameters

  • Materials to be transported:more than 95% of the medical materials including specimens, large infusions, medicines, consumables, disinfection equipment, bedding and clothing, and alike
  • Covered departments: static matching center, outpatient and emergency department and treatment room, central pharmacy, hospital storage, central supply room, inspection center, operating room, ICU, blood center, imaging center, nursing unit/patient area, administrative function department, logistics, etc.