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Medium-sized box logistics and transportation system

Product description

Vertical hoist solve the rapid sorting and efficient transmission of hospital items on vertical channels of different floors.
Divided into: circulating hoist and reciprocating hoist

Product advantagescirculating hoist
  • The car can store 1-4 transmission boxes

  • Car lifting speed
    3.0 m / s

  • 1300*1300mm
    Ultra-small wellhead design

  • Simultaneous entry and exit on three sides of the well

  • Flexible workstation configuration

  • No effect on the hospital layout

Product advantagesreciprocating hoist
  • High efficiency

    Cycle sorting, high efficiency transmission and reception

  • High speed

    Simultaneous transmission and reception of 800 boxes per hour

  • Space saving

    Ultra-small wellhead design: 1600*1050mm

  • Uniform motion

    Uniform motion without acceleration and deceleration

System composition
Video display