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Medium-sized box logistics and transportation system

Product description

As the receiving and transmitting port of medical materials, the station adopts flexible and diverse design to meet the various needs of different scenes in different departments of the hospital.

Divided into four types:Duplex workstation,Cycling workstation,Folding workstation,Mobile workstation

Product advantages
  • Duplex workstation

    With independent reception and transmission, it is easy to use and suitable for all departments while matching with reciprocating hoist

  • Cycling workstation

    Parallel reception and transmission with circulating elevators comes with high efficiency and suitability in all departments

  • Folding workstation

    Matched with reciprocating hoists, it is applicable for wards, being two-way reversible, space saving as well as free with reception and transmission

  • Mobile workstation

    It makes into reality automatic reception and transmission, convenience of configuration, appropriateness in operating room, emergency department, intensive care unit and old building renovation, and can be matched with all types of hoists

System composition
Video display